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Refurbished Machines

We supply refurbished Detexomat MKII and MKIII ladies teo closers, C10 sock toe closers and Autogusset machines.

1. Old machine  arrives
2. Dismantled and re-sprayed
3. Rebuilt and rewired
4. Ready to be returned to customer

What is a refurbished machine?

  • Machine is completely dismantled.  The frame and all panels are sand blasted back to the original metal, the re-sprayed in the Detexomat house colours.
  • All aluminium castings are shot blasted, bringing the castings back to a new look condition.
  • New bearings and bushes are fitted as required.
  • New motors (of the current type) are fitted through out the machine.
  • New relays, contactors, micro processor where appropriate are fitted, together with new wiring looms through out the machine.
  • New leg tubes and blades are fitted.
  • All consumable tyres drive / sewing belt are renewed.
  • New Union special sewing machine can be fitted at extra cost.

Key Benefits

Benefit 1: Costs - approximately half the cost of a new machine -.
Benefit 2: The opportunity to make good use of your old machines.
Benefit 3: Your chance to update the specifications of your machines to suit today's productivity needs and be able to find a combination to suit your budget.

Second Hand Refurbished Machines

We continue to deal in Secondhand Detexomat, Takatori and other manufacturers' machinery which we clean, overhaul and test, ensuring that the machines we supply to our customers are in full running and operational condition when they leave our works.

We are aware that it is possible for customers to buy second hand machines cheaper, but how often we hear, in the customer's own words, that they had " bought a load of rubbish " or mechanics complaining of having to work on machines covered in "filthy black oil and grease! ".

Key Benefits

Benefit 1: Choice - Machines of various ages and price brackets -
Benefit 2: We can provide installation service and costumer back up.
Benefit 3: The chance to enjoy the proven reliability of Detexomat machinery at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

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